A downloadable game for Windows

Play as the cute little witch Nobeta and explore the magical adventure in the ruins!

    To use the DualShock4 controller, first change the controller type to DualShock4 in the settings and then plug in the DualShock4 controller.
    This is only a in-developing game, there might be changes in the final product.



Install instructions

Download and unzipped to executes the game, no installation required.

OS: Windows 7+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX11 capabilities
Storage: 2 GB available space


作業系統: Windows 7+
記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
顯示卡: DirectX11 capabilities
儲存空間: 2 GB 可用空間


LittleWitchNobeta_V0.101Demo.zip 426 MB
LittleWitchNobeta_V0.03Demo.zip 274 MB

Development log


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Please release it everywhere, steam exclusive is bad business.


Please release your full game here.


Please don't make it exclusive to only in steam, please upload it everywhere.

Now this is how you make a GAME!

i loved this game cant wait till full game is out



Please consider releasing the game on Itch 

Deleted 1 year ago

hey, just a heads up this game is designed to be skill and precision based, its a souls-like game after all. the "grind problem" you found was really just you not understanding the type of game you were playing.

Поиграл, очень клевая игрушка ♥

Удачи в разработке 


Hello, Is there anyone facing no sound while playing the game?

Any solution to fix it ? Please help.


Permission to stream games

Hello, I have a question to ask.

I am sending this message to ask for permission whether if it is possible for our youtuber to stream or upload a video whilst playing your game. Also if it is possible,we would like to monetize and use superchat on stream and video. Again I am sorry for the sudden request.

I think it's fine, their official twitter even share some of the streams, if you are really worry, u can try send it to pupuya160804@gmail.com







Can play this game in youtube stream live?


其實是因為這遊戲主人公的設計很像我目前在推的某個vtuber小箱 (ViViD)的猫芒ベル,同樣是魔法蘿莉,讓我有種親切感,只是遊戲主人公沒有貓耳和髮色不是粉紅。






No selling Early Access on Itch?

I just finished V0.101, pretty neat (except my potato laptop quite laggy), the problem is I cant trade or upgrade stat at the savepoint, so it make 200 currency farmed not useful at all :))

It took me a while to figure out too. You have to hold the left click button down and then it'll spend the points as an extra confirmation. They did that so you didn't accidentally mis-spend your points, but it's just confusing as normal clicking does nothing. I also thought it was broken.



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最近有空才注意到原來6月底就要搶先體驗了? 先恭喜了

這是找到夥伴一起做才變這麼快的嗎? 說起來搶先體驗板跟之前玩的Demo有差嗎?

Love to see that you're still working on this. Also love to new DEMO, but did you remove the New Game+ which unlocks everything after finishing the DEMO?

That's cool. I like this!

i liked this one 5/5, i put it on my wishlist on steam too, some footage below 


 Iron pineapple reviewed your game and he approved it, good job! 



The game is coming out next month... on Steam... early access -_-
Guess I'll have to be content with that DEMO from now on cause if he's going early access, it's staying on Steam. Well sorry mate, I no longer buy indie games with DRM.

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guys im kinda confused. witch way do I go?


can this be on Mac?


Please consider releasing the full game on Itchio! I look forward to supporting the game at launch!

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I hate it when developers use Itch just to advertise their game, but then only release on Steam because God knows DRM reeeally make a difference against piracy (sarcasm). If you don't like Itch, at least try getting on GOG.com.

Deleted 185 days ago
Deleted 185 days ago


I can't wait to see what you do next!

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Hi there,

I would like to first congratulate you on a very great game. I played the DEMO twice last night and I had a lot of fun with it.

First, for my question, do you plan to release the game on Itch.io when it's complete or only on Steam? I'm asking before I do prefer buying on DRM-Free platforms like Itch.io, GOG.com or Playism.

Next for my suggestions, could you add a couple of options regarding running? The options would be:
Run by double tapping a direction On/Off (this would allow disabling the double tap option for players who may not like this)
Press and hold the run button to run  On/Off (this would allow players to hold the button to run like they can in so many other games)

That's pretty much it really, I couldn't find anymore additions for such a great game. Looking forward to the full release.

Thank you

very fun game enjoyed it a lot and cant wait to get to play more. i did container some problems though, no matter what i used controller or mouse and keyboard there was a bad drift that i never had on any other games it was not bad just made shooting a lot harder. that is  the only bug i found. the other problem more of my opinion of the character clumsiness and how i think its is cute it kinda interferes with the combat because when she falls it takes a good amount of time to get back up and the monsters can still hit you while your down. i am not saying you should take it out just maybe only making her clumsy when she is out of combat. the other problem i had it with the boss, when he dose the spine move it pretty difficult to doge and it felt like i could only doge it at some times even when i figured out the pattern. this may be just because  i am bad at the game lol and nothing at all. other then these few things i loved the game it was amazing and cant wait to play more!!!

Hello @pupuya, any updates on your current progress? uwu











what a good game, doesn't need anymore fire, it's already TOO HOT

The clothes in the video are different from mine.  Mine didn't have the hat and witch outfit.

what do you mean? maybe there's a newer demo 

This is what my character's clothes looked like: https://imgur.com/a/B1EJTo0

I got the demo from steam though, so maybe the one here is different or something.  It's nothing big, I was just curious as to why my clothes were different.

well now this makes me wonder, is there more to do in that demo? o.O?

Haha!  If you didn't know, after you play through and beat the boss, if you load up the same save file, it lets you use the other types of magic.

After the "Made with Unity" logo, the game doesn't start?

Does anyone else have this problem?

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